The case for moving your fleet to natural gas fuels is strong. These fuels are produced and priced in America. Gasoline and diesel costs are erratic and depend on foreign control.

This is a big step for any fleet.  Evaluating whether natural gas fuels are right for you takes time.

Ward is the most experienced provider of natural gas fuels, station services and vehicle services in the region.  Our team does the homework so you can make an informed decision.

Ward provides 24/7/365 support to every customer, it’s been in our DNA for decades.  Our products and services are delivered by an in-house team of industry veterans.

We know what is on the line.  Your vehicles will be fueled, save money and roll out every day.  We have your back.



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We Know CNG

Discovering, producing and compressing natural gas in the field is a deep upstream expertise built over a period of 50 years at Ward Petroleum. At Ward Alternative Energy, we add our down-stream natural gas, fueling and NGV expertise.

Natural gas supply contracts, price hedging, firm and interruptible pipeline and utility access, nominating and balancing gas volumes, evaluating gas quality, and seeking the best inlet pressure for fueling stations comes second nature to our professionals.

Our engineers and factory trained and certified technicians bring a clear understanding of how energy related mechanical and electrical systems work and how to compress, store and dispense natural gas as a vehicle fuel in a safe and low cost manner.

Since a considerable amount of electricity is required to make each gallon equivalent of compressed natural gas (CNG) we consider factors such as renewable sources of electricity and installing energy efficient compression equipment.  And, we look for ways to minimize the emissions of methane.

Our market managers and technical staff develop fueling analyses, site drawings, financial models and an overall NGV plan for our customers, which generates a clear understanding of the details and big picture issues that are important to a NGV fleet program.